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SKY IS THE LIMIT? (behind the scenes)

As an encouragement for myself and a short test drive, I want to present you a story of this image.

couple, reflection, mirror, sky
Answer to the question from previous post and today's subject is: REFLECTION!

This picture is a result of a cooperation with my husband while spending summer holiday weekend by the lake in my aunt's house in Poland (where I'm from). The weather was brilliant - clouds, sun, rain, wind - all you can wish for, if you're looking for some crazy effects. Bottom of this picture is simply a reflection on a glass table. It was a bit of a challenge, front legs were lifted on rocks and plant pots, camera was sliding, everybody was complaining and nagging and screaming at each other... Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. It was difficult to set up the table so that the glass reflects the sky evenly and in line, but the result in my opinion was worth it.

The best part is that I didn't have to use much Photoshop, I just cleaned the line at the edge of the table, blended the edge between the sky and the table, boosted some contrast and color and exposed sides of the couple's silhouette, while keeping the middle of it underexposed. That's pretty much it! I guess sky has no limit after all :)

In general, I think playing with reflections is lots of fun and can be so creative. It's fun to see technically same but in reality slightly different side of things. Some time ago, I did another photoshoot using mirrors, with my best friend as a model. I did not edit those pictures properly yet, so I cannot share it now, but I promise to do so in the future, if you're interested.

Let me know what you think and tell me about your experiments with mirrors and reflections! Please share your pictures, I always crave inspiration.

P.S. A small riddle about next post's subject. I will be introducing a new category:

food, food photography
What are these ingredients used for? You will need them soon. (I promise full picture will be more mouth watering, this is just a cropped version)

Good luck!

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