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GOING COLD TURKEY... November. I'm quitting fast food, sweets and drinks to make room for my favorite holiday food - Thanksgiving feast! Because sometimes you just have to take one step back to move two steps forward.

Since I did not originate from the US, I did not know the tradition of Thanksgiving before I got here. Well, maybe I knew bits and pieces from movies - who doesn't know, "Planes, trains and automobiles"? - but what it mainly taught me is that Americans can be a little crazy :) (it's true and you know it!). It's all about that big juicy bird, pile of mashed potatoes covered with thick gravy... green, beens, potatoes, tomatoes... you name it! (do these lyrics ring a bell? If not, google those words and dance along)

Ok, joking aside. I did promise you in previous post a mouthwatering picture, and I will provide. Let me know if you guessed the ingredients and if you guessed what was in that cropped image. The answer is: the best, undeniably good and tasty The Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich! Here it is:

turkey, thanksgiving, sandwich, turkey sandwich
The Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

It may be in a bit more fancier version than you're used to see, but believe me, it tastes just the same. Unfortunately, I will not give recipes for all Thanksgiving dishes here right now, but I will share a family secret - how to make this delicious Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich. The bar is set high, level of cooking required is very high as well, so do not do it at home unattended!

Day After Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich


leftover turkey

leftover mashed potatoes

leftover gravy

leftover cranberry

leftover beans

fresh bread (or leftover, what the heck)



Slice bread, smear mayo over the bread, pile up all the leftover ingredients, close the sandwich. Et Voila!

Let me know if you try it and post a picture of your Thanksgiving creation!

Good luck!

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